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Prisoners’ Education Trust is proud to be working with the growing number of prison-university partnerships across the country.

These innovative partnerships bring universities, and often university students, into prisons to teach and/or learn alongside prisoners. Partnerships have the potential to transform the learning experience of students both inside and outside prison, and to improve the educational opportunities on offer to learners in custody and in the community.

Click to download Prison-University Partnerships: A Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to support educators and prison staff in setting up and delivering a prison-university partnership.

In this toolkit, you will find information and guidance on:

  • the benefits of a prison university partnership
  • things to consider when you are planning your partnership
  • tips on delivering your partnership.

The Prison University Partnerships network exists to:

  • Provide a forum for students, practitioners and academics to come together and share their experiences
  • Improve access routes and increase opportunities for prisoners to study at degree level
  • Support new and existing prison-university partnerships by sharing and promoting good practice
  • Use shared evidence and experiences to influence future academic and prison education policy

Our monthly blog features news and articles from people running, or with an interest in, partnerships between prisons and universities.
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Interested in finding out about the different types of partnerships? Need to know whether a specific prison or university already has a partnership? Our partnerships directory is a listing of the different partnerships around the UK.
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We try to keep our directory up to date, but if you know of a partnership we’ve missed, please contact our Networks Officer, Helena.

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