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Night Sky

03 Oct 2019 | Dalton | Prison/university partnerships, Science

“I found my freedom”: studying science in prison

Earlier this month, PET alumnus Dalton spoke at the PLA conference about the impact of studying science in prison. Find out how the innovative Think Like a Scientist programme helped him find his freedom.

A prisoner studying a Maths distance learning course in his room.

21 Aug 2019 | Distance learning, GCSEs, Learner voice

Why I’m taking a GCSE in prison

As millions of people around the country find out their GCSE results, we share the stories of three students behind bars, all of whom were funded by PET.

Mentors in prison

31 Jul 2019 | Piers, HMP Pentonville | Distance learning, Learner voice, Mentoring

My work as a prisoner education mentor

Piers, a prisoner at HMP Pentonville, also works as a distance learning mentor, supporting other men to access education that he sees as life-changing.

Learning to break the habit – Emma’s story

30 May 2019 | Distance learning, Open University, Women

Learning to break the habit – Emma’s story

‘Emma’ started her life sentence with a history of domestic violence and addiction. She tells PET how studying for a degree in English Literature helped her towards recovery and a positive future.

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