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17 Jan 2018 | Prison staff | Press release

PLA calls for new Prisons Minister to explain the termination of contracts to provide careers advice to prisoners

The Chair of the Prisoner Learning Alliance today wrote to the new Prisons Minister Rory Stewart OBE MP.  He called for an explanation of why the contracts to provide careers advice for prisoners have been terminated without any apparent replacement service in place. The hundreds of staff who currently provide careers advice to prisoners are […]

22 Dec 2017 | Uncategorised

Animation: Children and dads help spread the value of education in prison

“I think education is really important no matter how old you are – if you’re old, young if you’re kind of in the middle you should never stop educating yourself.” Jack, 10 Children of serving prisoners have joined their fathers to help produce an animated film showing the positive impact of education inside. The film, […]

03 Dec 2017 | Prisoner Learning Alliance | Prisoner Learning Alliance

Top 5: The PLA’s most significant achievements

As the Prisoner Learning Alliance prepares to launch a new membership structure in 2018, we re-visit some of its key successes. The Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) was established by Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) in 2012 at the start of the Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) 4 contracts, when prison education was not on the […]

27 Sep 2017 | Government policy , Prisoner Learning Alliance | Commissioning , PLA conference , Policy

MoJ: the expectations and options behind governor commissioning

“It’s an important and exciting time for prison education,” a senior Ministry of Justice official told an audience at this year’s PLA Conference. “We are at the beginning of the final bit of the process that leads to significant changes, as governors are able to control how education is structured, and by whom and how […]

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