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What we do makes a difference.

Research by the Ministry of Justice’s Data Lab has shown that our courses:

Reduce reoffending by 25%

Out of 100 people leaving prison, 82 PET learners lead crime-free lives in the year after leaving prison, compared to 75 in a matched group.

Increases chance of finding work by 26%

Out of 100 people leaving prison, 39 PET learners find work in the first year of release, compared to 31 in a matched group.

Through the personal accounts of people we fund, we also know that education has broader benefits. Our learners say education also has a positive impact on:

  • Wellbeing (ability to cope in prison, improvements to mental health),
  • Human Capital (feeling of self-worth, hope and motivation),
  • Social Capital (relationships with others, including prisoners and families),
  • Culture (involvement in creating a positive prison environment)

In this slideshow, some of our learners talk about the power of education in their own words.

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