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19 March 2020

Like most organisations, we are in the process of preparing for the impact of coronavirus.

Whilst it is unclear exactly what this impact will be, we intend to continue doing our utmost to provide courses and support to people in prison, and we are very grateful to our supporters and to prison staff for helping us carry out this work.

The health and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers is vital to us and so we will be following the latest advice from the government and NHS. As part of this, while our office remains open, many of our staff members will be working from home in the coming weeks.  We are confident however that we have the systems in place to continue to maintain the work of the PET team much as usual despite that.

If you work in prison and are helping people to apply for a course, we would ask that if possible you email us with your queries, instead of call. We would also ask that you send scanned copies of application forms, rather than sending them by post, to ensure that we can deliver our regular services as smoothly as possible.

We will aim to keep you updated as the situation develops.

You can reach us on

Supporting our work

In times like these, distance learning in prison is more vital than ever – giving students hope and purpose and the chance to learn in their own time and space.

Speaking to the people we fund, we know that education has a positive impact on mental health and self-confidence. In the upcoming weeks and months, it will be essential to creating a more positive prison environment.

That’s why we need your support more than ever.

Support us here

We know many of our supporters prefer to make a donation by cheque. However, during this period, we would be grateful if you would consider making your donation online. This will ensure we receive your kind gift and that you receive an acknowledgement promptly.

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