PET's 30,000th grant grows Duncan's gardening business

Our 30,000th grant recipient Duncan, 53, writes to Prisoners' Education Trust about his motivation for studying a Landscaping Level 3 course.

"Dear PET,

I’d really appreciate the opportunity to study for a qualification in garden landscaping. My wife runs a garden design and maintenance business. She has various qualifications from the Royal Horticultural Society and is beginning to get busy with new commissions and existing work.

Over the past year I have been helping her part time and I’d like to be able to make a more professional and informed contribution to her business, as well as being able to take on some of the more demanding physical work; allowing her to concentrate on the design side.

I’d like to undertake a series of gardening courses if possible, to start to build as wide a range of skills as possible over the coming year.

I was brought up on a dairy farm in Dorset until the age of 15. It’s long been a desire of mine to return to a more outdoor lifestyle and this would be a tremendous first step in that process, as well as being able to work more closely with my wife and support her growing business.

The various gardening courses on offer seem to cover a wide-ranging and complimentary series of skills and knowledge. It’s been an ambition for a couple of years now to start an exotic plants nursery, maybe in a couple of years when we hope to move out of London.

This would be the first stepping stone in achieving that ambition, as well as giving me the means to start afresh with a more fulfilling and rewarding employment.

Many thanks for considering my application