Blog: Shakespeare Saved My Life

Chris Streeks"In the last ten years I have achieved many things in life because of my decision to study. I took a distance learning A level with the Open University whilst in Brixton prison and because of this I discovered Shakespeare. As a result of discovering Will I was able to learn some of his speeches well enough so that I could audition for drama school on my release and it was the same Shakespeare speech that I had learned that won me my scholarship to Oxford University to study Acting.

Since leaving Oxford in 2002 I have gone on to make a number of feature films including a Bollywood smash hit where I played a policeman. I have also performed on stages across the world and worked with some of the best actors in the world, Ralph Fiennes, Fiona Shaw and Tara Fitzgerald to name a few. I have also addressed the House of Lords, worked in schools, pupil referral units and prisons all because I was prepared to take the plunge and get my head down and study. As well as acting I have written a few films now including one that I have had made and a behavioural therapy programme called S.A.L.T. This programme is accredited to O.C.N.

I have also been very blessed that in the last 5 years alone I have travelled to so many countries, France, Spain, Jamaica, Peru, Greece, Barbados, Sweden, Norway and Italy to name just some of them. I am now a taxpayer and someone who contributes to society in a positive way. I met my wife whilst performing in a Shakespeare play. She is a classical Cellist with 2 degrees. If someone had told me I could have achieved all of this when I was doing my 18 years I would have said it is not possible but it is. I am living proof."

Chris Streeks