Award for architect student

Staff from the Premier School of Building have recently awarded a certificate of merit to 47 year old James who has recently completed an Architectural and Building Drawing diploma, with support from Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET).

In their nomination, Premier School of Building wrote:

“It became apparent to the assessor at an early stage that James had considerable skill in his design and presentation ability and we at Premier School of Building are very pleased with the high standard of the lesson answers James submitted and the consistent high quality of the drawings which met all of the expected outcomes most comprehensively.”

It took James five months to complete his diploma and education staff at HMP Wandsworth said it made him feel very good about himself and the achievement to receive an additional accolade from Premier School of Building.

During his diploma James gained new skills that are helping him work towards a new career as an architect, as he wrote: “I found the course very enjoyable and helpful in my quest to become an architect when I get released. The course taught me how to set out the drawings and using the correct writing styles, using different thicknesses of line and different pencils for shading etc which is very important in architectural drawing.

"I have a vast knowledge of the construction industry so I understand what I am drawing as I had to read them in the past. Taking my age into account my work in construction will be limited so the progression on to architectural drawings is a positive way forward for my career.

“I want to achieve two things whilst I’m in prison: one is to do a computer course and a degree so I can pursue this line of work upon release and support my family.

"I realise that this is potentially my last opportunity to make something of my life and be the husband and father to my family that I need to be. I am very grateful for the opportunity to further my education while in prison.”

As well as receiving support from PET and the school of building, James has had further help and advice from staff at HMP Wandsworth to continue his studies. Prison tutor, Sylvia, said: “James wants to succeed and get a decent job so that he doesn't go to prison again. He spends a lot of time in his cell and this was something he enjoyed doing rather than watching television.”

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