Through the Gateway: How Computers can Transform Rehabilitation

Published: Nov 2013

Nina Champion, Kimmett Edgar

In this report, ICT refers to computers, telephones, video conferencing tools, wing- based pc terminals, e-readers, internet and intranet technology. For all other terms, please see the glossary in Appendix B.

In December 2012, the Ministry of Justice issued a strategy that highlights the importance it gives to ICT in the way it operates as a modern department of government. This study considers to what extent the strategy could benefit prisoners’ rehabilitation and what more could be done to use ICT in prisons to help reduce reoffending after release. This report is based on a survey of prisons, sent to all governors and directors in England and Wales, visits to nine prisons, and three expert roundtables: on education, family ties, and resettlement. It is also based on a survey of prisoners’ families and a focus group of prisoners’ families. Further details of the methods employed are provided in Appendix A.