The Right Type of Education A Briefing on Education and Training Provision for Gypsy and Irish Traveller Prisoners in England and Wales

Published: Nov 2015

Conn Mac Gabhann

‘The Right Type of Education: A briefing on education and training provision for Gypsy and Irish Traveller prisoners in England and Wales’ by the Traveller Equality Project identifies the substantial unmet educational and training need of Gypsies, Romanies and Irish Travellers in prison.

Significantly, the report highlights a high level of interest in suitable education amongst this group, as well as the barriers to progression in education which they face. Author Conn Mac Gabhann said: "It is hoped that this report will continue this advancement by tackling the central issue facing Travellers in prison – poor educational attainment. It offers modest recommendations that would have a concrete impact on the lives of these prisoners, their families and the communities into which they will be released.