Prison-University Partnerships: A Toolkit

Published: Nov 2018

Prisoners’ Education Trust

Prison-university partnerships have blossomed in the UK over the last five years. To support their continued growth and development, PET has produced Prison-University Partnerships: A Toolkit  – the first resource published by the PUPiL (Prison University Partnerships in Learning) network.

Using the wealth of knowledge provided by PUPiL members about their experience of setting up and running partnerships, we have written a toolkit designed to help prison staff, academics, widening access staff and students. The toolkit introduces the types of partnerships that currently exist, and offers guidance to those setting up new projects, by addressing the following questions:

  • What is a prison-university partnership?
  • Who does it benefit, and how?
  • Who can start one?
  • Who funds them?
  • What challenges might arise?

Whether you’re starting a partnership from scratch, or hoping to get more out of an existing collaboration, we hope that this toolkit is useful for everyone interested in this new, enriching model of education.

We are grateful to the openness of the PUPiL network in sharing their experiences. If you have feedback, or would like a printed copy sent to you, please contact