Prison Safety and Reform

Published: Nov 2016

The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice by Command of Her Majesty

Prisons deprive offenders of one of their most fundamental rights - liberty - in order both to punish offenders and protect the public. However for society to be safer, prisons must be more than criminal warehouses, they must be places of reform.

By 2020, the authors want to see prisoners who enter jail struggling to read, write and add up being taught the basics of maths and English to help them find work when they need so when they leave they don't need to commit crimes to feed their addition. From 2020 and beyond this investment in reform will ensure all prisoners serve their sentences in stable and productive regimes. This White Paper sets out proposals to instil rigour into reform and monitor the achievements of the new purposeful regimes that will emerge. The aim is to bring down reoffending, cut the cost of society and spare many more people the shock, fear and trauma that comes from being a victim of crime.