Justice Select Committee, Inquiry into Prisons: Planning and Policies A response from the Prisoner Learning Alliance

Published: Mar 2014

Prisoner Learning Alliance, Prisoners' Education Trust

Prisoners Education Trust and the PLA know that learning in prison works. This was recently evidenced in Justice Data Lab results, which showed a statistically significant (and sizeable) impact on reoffending levels from having received a PET grant for a distance learning course. This response therefore argue that the prison service needs to prioritise support for a wide range of learning opportunities in prisons and the response to the Committee’s questions are informed by that priority.

This submission on behalf of the Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) addresses the following areas of the Committee’s inquiry:

  • The impact of lower operational costs on prison regimes, access to education, training and other purposeful activity, the physical environment, safety and security.
  • The ongoing re-configuration of the prison estate and the implications of the Transforming Rehabilitation programme.
  • The extent to which the Government’s aspiration for “working prisons” has been achieved.