House of Commons Work and Pensions Comittee: Support for Ex-Offender

Published: Dec 2016

The Work and Pensions Committee is appointed by the House of Commons

The Government, charities, employers and ex-offenders themselves all agree that the 'gold standard' of employment support involves employers working in prisons and offering work placements through Release on Temporary License. Over the course of this inquiry, we have seen many examples of good practice, such as work done by Blue Sky, a company that works to understand employer's labour needs, delivers training in prisons and places ex-offenders into jobs.

The report recommend that all prisons be required to demonstrate strong links with employers, including local businesses. Prisons should also ensure that the rules and processes for securing Release on Temporary License are straightforward and consistent. In addition, all prisons should be required to offer workshop courses, apprenticeships or similar employment opportunities with real employers.