Government Response to the Justice Committee's Seventh Report of Session 2016-17: The treatment of young adults in the criminal justice system

Published: Jan 2017

The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice by Command of Her Majesty

Young adults have been and must remain a priority group for criminal justice agencies - partly be cause of their prominence in terms of numbers, but also because we have an opportunity to steer them in a different direction, helping them to tackle the factors that increase the risk of offending so that they may have fulfilled lived and make a positive contribution to society. Understanding maturity, the central theme of the Committee's report, helps policy-makers and practitioners to renew, refine or re-design approaches, ensuring the bet outcomes for young adults.

The main themes of the reviews were that education should be at the heart of the prison regime. The White Paper confirms that giving prison governors more oversight and control, including over prison education, is at the heart of the Government's prison safety and reform agenda.