A joint inspection of the treatment of offenders with learning disabilities within the criminal justice system

Published: Mar 2015

HM Inspectorate of Probation, HM Inspectorate of Prisons

The inspections were commissioned following a number of reports, including the Bradley Commission report, which expressed concern over the failure of criminal justice agencies to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities who have offended.

This reports sets out the findings from the second of the two inspections into the treatment of those with learning disabilities serving community sentences or in prison. The report deals with the activity of prisons and probation services and focuses on assessment, planning and delivery of interventions to offenders both in the community and prison. We also examined the treatment, care and safe resettlement of prisoners with a learning disability.

We found that, in the majority of cases, probation trusts and prisons were not making reasonable adjustments and are not promoting equality for people with learning disabilities.The potential impact of the failure to identify and engage appropriately with offenders with a learning disability in the community and in prisons places them at risk of reoffending and makes positive outcomes less likely.