Prisoners' Education Trust is committed to doing what works to reduce reoffending. This resource library presents evidence and research related to all aspects of prison rehabilitation.

Search our resource library for a wide range of articles including: academic research, reports and policy related documents all within the theme of prison education. We welcome further content and if there is something you would like added to the resource library then please contact Katy Oglethorpe, Media, Communications and Alumni Manager.

  • POLARIS: A connected future for offender learning

    All | Nov 2007
    Rhydian Potter

    A webcast by Rhydian Potter about the Programme for Offender Learning and Resettlement Information Services (POLARIS).

  • Prison Educators: Professionalism Against the Odds

    All | Prison staff | Feb 2014
    Dr Lynne Rogers, Margaret Simonot, Angela Nartey

    This report summarises the findings of research conducted by the University and College Union (UCU) and the Centre for Education in the Criminal Justice System (CECJS) at the Institute of Education, University of London to learn more about prison educators and to explore the impact of offender learner funding on their professionalism and practice.

  • Prison Reform Trust: Inside Out

    All | Resettlement | Feb 2015
    Mark Day and Charles Spiropoulos

    A research on ROTL (Release on temporary license) and its role in promoting effective resettlement and rehabilitation.

  • Prison Reform: Governor Empowerment and Prison Performance

    All | Government policy | Apr 2017
    The Justice Committee appointed by the House of Commons

    This 2017 report published by the Justice Comittee analyses the Government's prison reform programme.

  • Prison Safety and Reform

    All | Prison practice | Nov 2016
    The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice by Command of Her Majesty

    This report looks on how prisons can become a place of safety and reform which will give prisoners the skill they need to become law-abiding citizens when they are released.

  • Prison Service Journal: The Transformational Potential of Prison Education

    All | Education | May 2016
    Dr Jamie Bennett, Paul Crossey, Karen Harrison

    The topic of this edition will resonate with many for whom education has been a route through which they have transformed their own life chances or personal identity. The expansion of university education and the increased access to and valued placed upon education and training means that this is a means through which people can shape their own future.

  • Prison: Evidence of its use and over-use from around the world

    All | Prison practice | Mar 2017
    Jessica Jacobsen, Catherine Heard and Helen Fair

    This report looks at patterns of imprisonment in ten contrasting jurisdictions across all five continents of the world, namely: • Kenya and South Africa in Africa • Brazil and the United States in the Americas • India and Thailand in Asia • England and Wales, Hungary and the Netherlands in Europe • Australia in Oceania Over the course of the report, we present a brief history of imprisonment in each of the ten countries, and consider what lessons might be learnt for reducing use of custody worldwide.