What happened to the rehabilitation revolution?

Published: Sep 2017

Jonathan Aitken and John Samuels

The report announces a 10-point plan which the CSJ promises will not only resuscitate the Rehabilitation Revolution but will potentially save £246 million per year. Here are the ten points:

  1. Defining in law the statutory purposes of imprisonment.
  2. Introducing a requirement for judicial monitoring by the sentencing court to review whether the custodial sentence might require
    modification in the interests of the public.
  3. Addressing the problem of the 3,200 or so tariff-expired IPP prisoners.
  4. The introduction of Problem Solving Courts.
  5. Judicial supervision of recalls to prison.
  6. Application for early release or executive release.
  7. Enabling the judiciary to deem previous convictions as spent, facilitating sustainable employment for those successful in their rehabilitation.
  8. Improving the numbers, training, status, pay and conditions of prison officers focusing their work on rehabilitation “on both sides of the wall”.
  9. Only joint working between Probation and sentencers will achieve the intended transformation and deliver effective supervision.
  10. Enabling sentencers to play a full role in enabling desistance.