Policy responses

Using our expert knowledge of prison education PET works to influence future prison education policies. We produce a range of written responses to Government consultations and House of Commons Select Committee inquiries where we strive to consult with and incorporate the voices of current and former prisoner learners as much as possible. Find out how we work with Parliament to put forward our recommendations based on our expertise and evidence. We respond to consultations and inquiries both independently and on behalf of the PLA.

Review responses

Coates Review - PET's submission of evidence November 2015 

Coates Review - PLA's submission of evidence November 2015

Consultation responses

Secure College - Rules consultation November 2014

Further Education - Future Development of Loans August 2014

Transforming Management of Young Adults in Custody December 2013

Transforming Youth Custody April 2013

Transforming Rehabilitation February 2013

Select Committee inquiries

JSC inquiry Prisons: planning and policies March 2014 (Justice Select Committee)

ESC inquiry Ofsted January 2014 (Education Select Committee)

ESC inquiry Underachievement by white working class children November 2013 (Education Select Committee)

JSC inquiry Crime reduction November 2013 (Justice Select Committee)

JSC inquiry into older prisoners - 'Never too old to learn' March 2013 (Justice Select Committee)


Secure colleges and criminal justice June 2014