Higher Aims, Further Goals

This audio programme from Prisoners' Education Trust, presented by broadcast journalist Andrie Morris, explores the history of the charity and its work supporting people in prison to access a quality, varied education.

Split into 6 podcasts, the programme includes contributions from PET's co-founder, staff, former trustees, patrons, current learners, alumni and supporters. It explores how education contributes to rehabilitation and reduces reoffending.

Download this programme about PET's work and history. It is divided into six sequences:

Part 1

Explores the charity's early history. Part 1 - Read the transcript for this 5 minute section.

Part 2

Expanding across London. Part 2 - Read the transcript of this 4 minute section. 

Part 3

Education's role in rehabilitation. Part 3 - Read the transcript of this 6 minute section.

Part 4

A smarter 'win-win' solution. Part 4 - Read the transcript of this 4 minute section.

Part 5

The long term impact: inspectors, peers and PET alumni champion learning in prisons. Part 5 - Read the transcript of this 7 minute section.

Part 6

PET's future: raising voices; uniting communities. Part 6 - Read the transcript of this 7 minute section.