PET Takes Position in New Sports Alliance

26 Feb 2016

Since publishing our report ‘Fit for Release’ with Professor Rosie Meek, Prisoners’ Education Trust have been keen to promote the benefits of sports-based learning and influence policy and practice to ensure prisoners have these opportunities.

Some of our most popular courses are sports-related, such as personal fitness trainer and sports coaching, so we know sports can be an important ‘hook’ for learning.  

PET are therefore delighted to sit on the steering committee of the recently formed ‘National Alliance for Sport for the Desistance of Crime’ (NASDC) funded by Comic Relief and the Ministry of Justice.  

NASDC is ‘a national voice for the power of sport and the leading network supporting the range of stakeholders using sport for the prevention and desistance from crime’.

As part of this work, we are carrying out surveys of both practitioners and service users about the value of sports in criminal justice settings in custody and the community. 

If you are involved in any sports-based learning, we would be very grateful if you could complete a survey and also ask your learners to complete one. Hard copies are available on request.

In this Olympic year, let’s raise the profile of the value of sport in the prevention and desistance from crime. If you are interested in finding out more, please sign up to become a member of NASDC free of charge.