PET alumnus talks about rising violence in jails on Sky News

24 Aug 2017

PET alumnus Ben Gibson blamed staffing levels for the rising violence in prisons, in an interview with Sky News. He said due to staff shortages prisoners were forced to remain locked up instead of going to education lessons or the gym.

“If your door is locked and you have very little in your cell to help with rehabilitation except a TV then what do you expect to happen?” he said.

“This is the result of people feeling unhappy, a result of lack of opportunity and a result of not having any hope or an education.”

The Sky News article cites evidence obtained by a Freedom of Information request, showing the number of times specially trained riot police have been called to deal with incidents in jails in England and Wales has risen dramatically since 2011.

Ben Gibson was quoted as saying extreme violence is undoubtedly “more frequent and severe.”