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    Education Inspections - February '17

    All | Inspection reports | 20 Feb 2017

    A new series looking at how education fared in Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons' reports each month. In February, Wymott receives high praise for an inclusive and embedded approach; Norwich's local prison provision is marked highly, and education at Channings Wood and Exeter are rare examples of progress in faltering regimes.

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    Scrooge in the Scrubs

    All | Arts | 24 Jan 2017

    In the middle of the festive season group of prisoners and staff at Wormwood Scrubs got together to perform Dickens' iconic tale, with a little help from Simon Callow.

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    Education, safety, belonging and the connection between: An insider view

    All | Learner voice | 20 Jan 2017

    Gareth Evans, at the time a serving prisoner, writes from personal experience about how education can help people feel accepted by society, ultimately leading to safer prisons and less crime.

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    2016 stats

    22 Dec 2016

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    Hope at Christmas, from a prison teacher

    All | Teaching | 21 Dec 2016

    Prison teacher Cheryl Penn draws on the transformation she has witnessed in students at HMP Usk to deliver a message of the hope that education can bring to those in prison.

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    In youth justice reform, the government is sidestepping a local route to transformation

    Young people | Government policy | 19 Dec 2016

    Charlie Taylor’s report on youth justice paints an inspiring and radical vision of the way we should treat children in the youth justice system. But while the government's response has been largely enthusiastic, Rod Clark believes it is avoiding a localised approach that would make a huge difference.

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    PET welcomes Taylor recommendations on youth justice

    Young people | Government policy | 12 Dec 2016

    PET welcome the Charlie Taylor's recommendations for radically changing the approach to education for young people in custody.

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    OLASS shakeup: a quiet victory for the PLA

    All | Government policy | 30 Nov 2016

    On 1 October the Prisoner Learning Alliance secured a quiet, but crucial, victory in improving prison education provision as education contracts were made more flexible.

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    Inspiring peer mentors awarded in prisons

    All | Peer support | 29 Nov 2016

    The 2016 Prisoner Learning Alliance awards recognised peer mentors who have made an outstanding contribution to education in their prisons. The PET team went to visit them to give them their awards in person.

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    Not surviving but thriving

    29 Nov 2016

    Adam, a former sports champion, talks about how he saw fitness and education help his and other people’s mental health in prison.