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Prisoners' Education Trust (PET) wants the public to have a better understanding of why it is important to support prisoners with learning, training and skills. We are happy to assisting journalists and the media with any queries related to our work. Contact the press office, search through our press releases below, read articles mentioning PET and engage with stories about our learners.

PET also produces Learning Matters e-news, a monthly email bulletin with the latest updates and analysis on developments within PET and in the wider criminal justice sector, particularly focusing on organisations that support learning, training and skills for prisoners. You can sign up here. 


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    Government research finds prisoners aspiring to education re-offend less on release

    All | Distance learning | 10 Sep 2015

    New research published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) today (10th September 2015) suggests that offering people in prison opportunities to aspire to further their education makes them less likely to re-offend on release.

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    Alliance welcomes government review into education in prisons

    All | Government policy | 8 Sep 2015

    The Prisoner Learning Alliance(PLA) welcomes the Ministry of Justice’s review of education in prisons, announced by the Secretary of State Michael Gove, today (8th September 2015).

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    Education in youth custody increased to 30 hours per week

    Young people | Education | 19 Aug 2015

    On Monday 17 August, the amount of education under 18 year olds in custody receive was increased to 30 hours of per week, across all young offender institutes. Prisoners' Education Trust responds to this policy change.

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    Alliance welcomes the Justice Secretary’s speech on prisons

    All | Government policy | 17 Jul 2015

    The Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA), representing 23 expert organisations, welcomes the Secretary of State for Justice, Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP’s commitment to prioritise education in prisons, announced in a speech today (17th July 2015).

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    Prisoners' Education Trust responds to ‘dismal’ HMIP report

    All | Education | 14 Jul 2015

    The HM Inspectorate of Prisons annual report published today (Tuesday 14th July) underlines the urgent need for education in prison to be given a higher priority in response to ‘dismal’ learning outcomes noted by inspectors, Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) says.

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    Academics bring university to prisons

    All | International | 9 Jun 2015

    Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) welcomes professors from America and the UK to discuss their innovative prison exchange partnerships at its Academic Prisons Symposium on 9th June, at the University of Cambridge. Professors highlight projects taking university students to learn alongside prisoners, such as the US Inside-Out programme, which was replicated in the UK for the first time in 2014.

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    Closing the digital divide in prisons with innovation

    All | Information and Communication Technology (ICT) | 8 Jun 2015

    PET's Academic Prisons Symposium, at the University of Cambridge on 9 June 2015, brings together the latest global research and learning from projects which are closing the digital divide between education in prisons and outside. Academics from the University of Durham, The Open University (OU) and University of Southern Queensland (USQ) discuss how secure e-learning could revolutionise prison learning.

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    PLA calls for improvements to prison education contracts

    All | Government policy | 18 May 2015

    The Prisoner Learning Alliance(PLA), representing 23 expert organisations, calls on the newly appointed Secretaries of State for Justice, Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, and for Business and Skills, Rt. Hon Savid Javid MP, to take an early opportunity to reduce crime by improving prison education.

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    Press Release: Justice report calls for greater focus on what works

    All | Government policy | 18 Mar 2015

    Prisoners’ Education Trust welcomes the Justice Committee’s report published today (18 March 2015) and its inquiry Prisons: planning and policies, calling for a greater focus on what works. Rod Clark said: “This important report provides further evidence of the decline in educational opportunities for prisoners and therefore we urge the government to meet its recommendations to improve rehabilitation, learning and skills."

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    Help prisoners to read on World Book Day

    All | Literacy | 5 Mar 2015

    Today, on World Book Day 2015, Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) celebrates the charities and staff members supporting people in prison to read and calls for greater access to prison libraries to further their rehabilitation.