Learner Voice

Learner voice is about empowering learners by providing appropriate ways of listening to their concerns, interests and needs in order to develop educational experiences better suited to those individuals. It is also about ensuring that this engagement is done on a regular basis so it forms part of the culture of the establishment. Learning is more interesting and exciting when shaped by lots of different peoples’ opinions and ideas and learner voice is about moving to a more learner-focused or learner-centred model of education. This means learners, and importantly prisoners who are not currently engaged in learning, have input into defining what, where, when and how they can learn.

Learner Voice Projects

A Learner Voice project produced films with HMP Elmley and HMYOI Cookham Wood which are about how learner voice can be put into practice within prison education. Watch them to find out more about the benefits and get ideas on what might work for your prison.

NOMS Rehabilitative Cultures Project 2014-2015

PET have been working in partnership with the NOMS Grants Funding Programme under the funding opportunity 'developing innovative approaches to building a rehabilitative cultures with prisons' during the 2014-2015 financial year.