European Prison Education Association (EPEA)

Whilst Prisoners' Education Trust's Access to Learning project is exclusive to England and Wales, its policy work is much broader and to ensure that the UK continues to learn from other countries, PET has works to builds networks internationally with practitioners, researchers and organisations.

Become a member of the European Prison Education Association

As such, in October 2015 PET’s Head of Policy, Nina Champion, presented to the European Prison Education Association (EPEA) annual conference held in Antwerp, Belgium, and was elected to be the new Western Europe Representative.

PET is keen to get as many people from the UK involved as possible. If you would like the opportunity to find out about European prison education projects, research, funding opportunities, exchanges and events, then for 22 Euros (approximately £16) you could become a member of the EPEA.

If you have any questions about the EPEA, or have any suggestions for what the EPEA could do to help you, please email or visit the EPEA website.