PET launches interactive map of prison/university partnerships

30 Oct 2017

An interactive map showing prisons and universities working together is now live on the PET website, showing the extent that these ground-breaking partnerships are blossoming in the UK.

The map is a visual demonstration of the large, and growing, number of partnerships now running, and also reflects their diversity. From 12-week accredited programmes to one-off workshops; from criminology to creative writing; from first year students to PhDs; and from local to high-security prisons. 

All those shown on the map are members of PET’s PUPiL (Prison University Partnerships in Learning) network. PET set up the PUPiL network in early 2017, with the aim of supporting existing partnerships and helping to facilitate new ones.

The map and surrounding website offers partnerships across the country a space to share their experiences, successes and challenges. The surrounding site holds information about how each the partnership came about and what it involves, as as well as links to blogs, photos, contact details and other resources. It is a project in development, and will expand as the network grows.

Morwenna Bennallick, Senior Policy and Research Officer at PET says:

“PET supports prison/university partnerships because of the enormous benefits they give to all involved. For people in prison, these experiences provide an incredibly enriching learning experience, that we see often making a profound difference to their future aspirations. As well as opening up new subjects and ways of thinking, it shows that Higher Education institutions, and the people in them, are real and relatable, and therefore are places that are open to them.

“For university students, learning with people in prison is an experience that can fundamentally shift their understanding of society, changing views as well as career aspirations.”

Morwenna hopes the PUPiL website will be useful for both prison and university-based students as they continue on their academic journeys, and will help to develop communities across institutional and geographic boundaries.

For further information about prison/university partnerships, visit the PUPiL website or contact Morwenna.