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PET funds 250 different courses, in levels and subjects not usually available in prison.

Courses range from beekeeping to bookkeeping and include GCSEs, A Levels, degree-level study and vocational qualifications.

Discover 2018’s most popular courses

Here you’ll find some of our most popular courses, and a list of what else is on offer.

Engineering | Study House | ABC | Level 3 | Duration: 180 hours

Electrical Technologies Theory

This course will introduce you to a range of processes and regulations required in good practice for electricians and electrical engineers, especially in a construction environment. This includes a comprehensive overview of health & safety protocols.

The course consists of three units:

  1. Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction and the Built Environment (60 hours)
  2. Electrical Principles in Building Services Engineering (60 hours)
  3. Electrical Installation Standards and Components in Building Services Engineering (60 hours)

Entry Requirements: No prior knowledge or qualifications required

Assignments: Three tutor support assignments – one for each unit.

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support and send off correspondence and assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Level 3 Certificate in Heating, Ventilation&Air Conditioning(HVAC), or 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

| NEC | AQA | AS-Level / Level 3

English Language AS-Level

| NEC | AQA | GCSE / Level 2

English Language GCSE

| NEC | AQA | AS-Level / Level 3

English Literature AS-Level

| NEC | Edexcel | GCSE / Level 2

English Literature GCSE

| Stonebridge | ABC | Level 4 | Duration: 105 hours

Environmental Waste Management

This course covers the knowledge required for the managing, collecting and disposing of waste in the work place. It also includes waste treatment and management, including recycling and street cleaning.

The course consists of 7 units:

  1. Conservation and waste
  2. Sewerage
  3. Street cleaning and the disposal of refuse
  4. The effects of industry on the environment
  5. Nuclear fuel and waste
  6. Water and its treatment
  7. Waste and recycling

Entry Requirements: None

Assignments: 7 assignments (one per unit), which is marked and returned for feedback.

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support the sending of correspondence

Tutor Support: Yes via post

What’s Next? NEBOSH Environmental courses or Open University Access Modules.

Find Out More: On Stonebridge’s website here

Accounting and Finance | NEC | IAB | Level 2 | Duration: 120 hours

Book-keeping Certificate

This is the perfect starter course in this field. It covers all the core elements of book-keeping, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to keep on top of your finances, whether for your own business, or to help find work in this field.

The course consists of the following five units

  1. Financial services and payment methods
  2. Prepare and check business documents
  3. Record transactions in a sub-divided bookkeeping system
  4. Prepare a trial balance and reconciliations
  5. Principles of bookkeeping and VAT

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English and Level 2 Maths

Assignments: There are 9 practice and IAB assessments in total:

  1. Two practice and two IAB knowledge tests (a series of independent short answer questions made up of multiple choice, gap fill, and true or false type questions)
    a. Principles of bookkeeping and VAT
    b. Financial services and payment methods
  2. Two practice and two IAB written assignments (short case study type questions with several tasks for each case study)
    a. Prepare and check business documents
    b. Prepare a trial balance and reconciliations
  3. One practice exam (self-assessed)
  4. One invigilated IAB exam

Learners have one attempt for each practice assessment and three attempts to pass each IAB assessment. After learners submit and get feedback for the practice assignments, they can complete the IAB assignments, followed by a practice exam. It is necessary to register for the IAB exam.

Exams: Yes

Prison Support Requirements: Support with posting assessments; support with organising and invigilating exam; Examinations require a minimum of 5 weeks’ notice. Exam cost included in the price of the course.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Sage QFC Computerised Accounting for Business (level1 and 2).

Find Out More: From NEC directly here


Construction | Premier School of Building | PSB Diploma | Level 3 | Duration: 80 hours

Estimating and Tendering

This course is designed as an introduction for students wishing to develop their competence and skills in the preparation of estimating and tendering based on the New Rules of Measurement 2 (NRM2). On completion of the course you should be able to build up rates and prepare and estimate based on a Bill of Quantities.

The course consists of the following 12 units:

  1. Estimating Philosophy / Organisations
  2. Procurement / Documentation
  3. Estimating / the Decision to Tender
  4. Tender Planning Resources
  5. Unit Rate Pricing / (5)  Excavation & Filling
  6. Unit Rate Pricing / (11) In-situ Concrete Works
  7. Unit Rate Pricing / (14) Masonry
  8. Unit Rate Pricing / (16) Carpentry
  9. Unit Rate Pricing / (23) Windows / (24) Doors
  10. Provisional Sums / Daywork
  11. Preliminaries / Cash Flow
  12. Tender Submission and Outcome

Entry Requirements: Level 2 or equivalent in English and Maths, plus a basic knowledge of construction

Assignments: All assessments are based on work submitted i.e. continual assessment. Assessment is based on students submitting their work for comments and grading. The test questions for each lesson should be answered in full and sent monthly together with a completed work submission sheet.

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Learners are recommended to have a mentor to assist with their studies. Support with submitting written assignments.

Tutor Support: No

What’s Next? Sustainable Construction Course (Premier School of Building)

Find Out More: On the Premier School of Building’s website here

Event Planning | NCC Home Learning | ABC | Level 3 | Duration: 200 hours

Event Management Diploma

Event management courses are highly valued. This is a course that allows you to study a broad base of event management and planning. You will learn about managing conferences and meetings for corporate clients and well as private events including birthday parties, weddings, christenings, naming ceremonies and other celebrations. The course also offers modules of managing events abroad and organising travel arrangements.

The course consists of the following eleven units:

Module 1 – Introduction to Event Management
Module 2 – Introduction to the Event Planning Process
Module 3 – The venue
Module 4 – Catering
Module 5 – Entertainment
Module 6 – Photographic and Audio-Visual Requirements
Module 7 – Staging the Event
Module 8 – Preparing Event Proposals
Module 9 – Marketing and Selling your Events Planning Service
Module 10 – Setting up your Business
Module 11 – Preparing your own Task

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English, but no experience or knowledge is required

Assignments: Eleven written assignments; one for each unit

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support to submit and send written assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Certificate in Principles of Customer Service RQF Level 3

Find Out More: From NCC’s website here

Sport and Fitness | HFE | REPs | Level 3 | Duration: 40 hours

Exercise for Older Adults

This course explores how fitness professionals can make a real difference in clients' lives by understanding the ageing process and prescribing safe and effective exercise.

Course content includes:

  • Recommendations for 65+ years of physical activity
  • Understanding changes to the muscular, skeletal, nervous and cardio-respiratory systems
  • Analysing the effects that changes to those systems have on the body
  • How to plan an exercise session for older clients
  • Safely adapting various exercises for older clients

Entry requirements: In order to be certificated for this course, students must already possess an accredited level 2 fitness instruction qualification

Assignments: 2: A worksheet, and a case study

Exams: Multiple choice exam (prison must provide the name of the invgilator and proposed exam date, and liaise with HFE and the awarding body)

Prison support requirements:  Submitting assignments, invigilation of exam

Tutor support: Yes

What’s next: HFE offer a range of similar Level 3 theory courses including Nutrition for Physical Activity. 

Find out more: On HFE’s website here

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