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PET funds 250 different courses, in levels and subjects not usually available in prison.

Courses range from beekeeping to bookkeeping and include GCSEs, A Levels, degree-level study and vocational qualifications.

Discover 2018’s most popular courses

Here you’ll find some of our most popular courses, and a list of what else is on offer.

Counselling and Mentoring | NCC Home Learning | TQUK | Level 3 | Duration: 130 hours

Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse

This course helps to develop increased understanding of issues and possible responses and interventions around substance misuse.

This course provides the student with knowledge and understanding that can be used by those who either personally, voluntary or professionally have a special interest in this field.

It is comprised of three units:

  1. Understanding Drug Use: Facts, Effects, Symptoms and Attitudes
  2. Understanding Responses to Substance Misuse: Legislation, Harm Reduction and Interventions
  3. Understanding Alcohol and Drug Use in Young People

Entry requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: Series of tutor-marked assignments

External tutor support: Yes

Prison support requirements: Support learners to send off assignments

What’s next? Understanding Mental Healthcare QCF (Level 3)

Counselling and Mentoring | Stonebridge | NCFE CACHE (RQF) | Level 1 and Level 2 | Duration: 160 hours

Substance Misuse Awareness and Certificate in Counselling Skills (RQF)

This course provides accurate and up-to-date knowledge of substance misuse as well as counselling skills theories.

Prior knowledge required: None

Format: Paper-based

Structure: One unit of Substance misuse plus four units of Counselling related material

  1. Using counselling skills
  2. Introduction of counselling skills theories
  3. Diversity and ethics in the use of counselling skills
  4. Counselling skills and personal development
  5. Develop an awareness of substance misuse

Assignments: Level 1 – One written assignment on awareness of substance misuse. Self-assessed activities in a workbook plus tutor marked essay

Level 2 – Four written assignments for counselling marked by a tutor

Exam: None

Prison support requirements: Support learners to post their assignments

Tutor support: Yes

What’s next: TQUK Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse (RQF) from NCC Home Learning (Ofqual number 603/0154/5)

Find out more: From Stonebridge here

Counselling and Mentoring | The Institute of Counselling | Level 4 | Duration: 200 hours

Certificate in Counselling

This is the Institute’s most popular course, having been successfully completed by people from various backgrounds and levels of ability. The syllabus will be particularly attractive if you are a person who wishes to help others and would like to acquire the skills and expertise to be more effective in that role. The course will provide you with a preliminary understanding of the skills and practice of counselling, as well as an appreciation of the personal qualities associated with the collaborative process of helping.

The course consists of the following units:

1.Introduction to Counselling Theory
2.The Psychodynamic Approach
3.The Behavioural Approach
4.The Person-Centred Approach
5.The Cognitive Approach
6.The Pastoral Approach
7.The Counselling Process
8.Basic Counselling Skills
9.Core Skills of ‘The Skilled Helper’
10.Professional Practice

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: Five, marked by tutor

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

Find out more: From the Institute of Counselling here

Construction | Learn Plumbing | Level 3 | Duration: 100 hours

Advanced Plumbing Theory

This course offers progression from the Level 2 Learn Plumbing course, covering much of the supplementary knowledge required for Level 3 NVQs in Plumbing and Domestic Heating. Potential students must understand that this course provides theory related to the NVQ, but no actual qualification or even unit accreditation.

The course consists of ten units:

  1. Introduction to Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings and Data
  2. Domestic Heating System Design
  3. Special Needs Kitchen and Bathroom Design
  4. Domestic Pipe Sizing
  5. Costing and Planning Plumbing Installation Work
  6. Setting Out for Pipe Bending
  7. Building Drainage
  8. Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Installation
  9. Domestic Oil Installations
  10. Green Plumbing Technology

Entry Requirements: We would normally expect applicants to have completed the Level 2 Plumbing course, although qualified / experienced plumbers sometimes apply directly for the Advanced course.

Assignments: Ten assignments and multiple choice tests corresponding to each module marked and returned with feedback.

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support correspondence, and access to a CD player is preferable. The course material does include a CD-ROM with supplementary resources, but the course can be completed without it.

Tutor Support: Yes, via post, telephone or email (if prison staff facilitate)

What’s Next? There is no direct progression, but learners may wish to consider an IOSH or NEBOSH qualification to improve career prospects in construction, or the Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) course to complement these skills.

Find Out More: From Learn Plumbing here

Animal Care | Stonebridge | Level 3 | Duration: 140 hours

Animal Care

This course is designed to assist learners in understanding the basic needs of animals including: cats, dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, reptiles, amphibians, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice. Students will gain and understanding of the animals and their needs, covering topics ranging from anatomy to nutrition and health.

The course consists of the following 7 units:

  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Horses
  4. Birds
  5. Rabbits
  6. Reptiles and Amphibians
  7. Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Mice

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: At the end of each unit there is a question paper

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Dog Grooming Professional (Stonebridge), Horse Knowledge and Care Stage 1 (Open College of Equine Studies), Introduction to Canine Psychology (Animal Care College)

Find Out More: Via Stonebridge here

Visual Arts | NEC | Level 3 | Duration: 80 hours

Art History

The Art History course helps learners to explore different styles and artistic movements and gain a better appreciation of art in its historical context. Covering art history from the 15th century to present, learners will approach painting, sculpture and architecture from different cultures with a creative and insightful mind.

The course contains five modules:

  1. Studying art history
    a. What is art history?
  2. An introduction to art history
    a. Discussing works of art
    b. Themes and topics in art
  3. Art in context
    a. Historical and cultural contexts
    b. How art is made and displayed
  4. Painting, sculpture and architecture in Italy and Flanders from c.1400 to c.1520
    a. Painting in Italy and Flanders from c.1400 to c.1520
    b. Sculpture and architecture in Italy from c.1400 to c.1520
  5. Painting, sculpture and architecture in Europe and the USA from c.1906 to c.1980
    a. Painting in Europe and the USA from c.1906 to c.1980
    b. Sculpture and architecture in Europe and the USA from c.1906 to c.1980

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: This course includes 12 written assignments. Learners are expected to discuss already existing works of art (style, form, content) from a list supplied with the course.

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support submission and completion of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes (12 months)

What’s Next? 

Find Out More: OCA modules

Beauty | Stonebridge | ABC | Level 3 | Duration: 140 hours

Beauty Make-Up Professional

This course is aimed at people who want to work in the beauty industry and become professional make-up artists, as well as those who want to improve their own make-up capabilities. It covers everything from face shapes and skin types, to cosmetics and corrective make-up techniques. No make-up kit is supplied so this would need to be separately sourced.

The course contains six units:

  1. Therapy Practice Skills
  2. The Skin
  3. Skin Types and Conditions
  4. Make-up and Tools
  5. Make-up Application
  6. Health and Safety

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: Six written assignments, one at the end of each unit. There is also a practical assignment which requires photographs to be taken of models who have been made over

Exams: No

Prison Support Requirements: 

Support completion and submission of assignments. Staff would also need to source make-up kit, comprising of:

Cleanser, Moisturiser, Face Primer, Beauty blender, Foundation, Setting sprays, Concealer/Corrector, Contour/Highlighting palette, Blush, Bronzer, Eye Shadows, Eye Liners, Eyebrow powders/pencil, Mascara, Lashes and glue (optional), Lip pencils, Lipstick/gloss, Makeup brushes.

Staff would also need to authorize and faciliate the photographs – models (staff or prisoners) would need to be made up and photographed.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Business Start-UP (NEC), or Nail Technician Professional (Stonebridge)

Animal Care | The British Beekeepers’ Association | BBKA Certificate | Level 2

Beekeeping (Basic Assessment)

This theory course assists beekeepers with little or no experience, in preparation for the BBKA Basic Assessment.

The course has 4 modules:

  1. Manipulation and Equipment
  2. Natural History
  3. Swarming, Swarm Control and Effect
  4. Disease and Pests

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: The course involves a series of seven question papers, which are not assessments but a structure learning program. These are sent straight at the beginning of the course and learners should start working on them within the first six months.

Exams: This course does not include an exam, but it does prepare learners to take the Basic Assessment if they wish to take this upon completion of the course.

Prison Support Requirements: Facilitate correspondence and provide access to the BBKA recommended reading list.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next: An Open University degree in Natural Sciences, starting with the Science, Technology and Maths YO33 Access Module.

Find Out More: From the British Beekeepers Assoication here

Animal Care | Compass Education | Level 2 | Duration: 120 hours

Birds Of Prey (Diploma)

This diploma covers raptors world-wide, including eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and vultures. The course explroes habitats, characteristics, origins and behaviours of various birds.

The course consists of six modules:

  1. Origins and Characteristics
  2. Eagles
  3. Hawks
  4. Falcons
  5. Owls
  6. Vultures

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: There are assignments for each of the modules, all of which need to be passes in order to gain the diploma.

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support learners with submission of assignments, and facilitate communication between the learner and personal tutor.

Tutor Support: Yes

Find Out More: On Compass Education’s website here

Business and Management | NEC | AQA | AS-Level / Level 3

Business AS-Level

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