Corporate support


PET is keen to work with corporate partners, benefiting PET whilst also providing opportunities for their staff, and in some cases client base, to get involved in our work. We work with our corporate supporters to identify what they are looking for in a charity partner and how we can help them meet their CSR objectives; we make sure the skills and support they are able to provide meet the needs of PET and its beneficiaries.

In the past year corporate supporters have provided a wide range of expertise and support, including pro bono legal advice, guidance when tendering for our new website, presentation skills training for our staff, undertaken vox pops on the streets of London, providing venues for key events and sponsorship.

If you would be interested in exploring ways we can work with your organisation, including providing opportunities for our alumni, please contact Cassie Edmiston, Head of Fundraising, for an informal discussion or to arrange a meeting.