Royal Parks Half Marathon 2016 - Join #TeamPET!

24 Feb 2016

Location: London

Date: 09 October 2016

Event Type: Running

Fundraising Target: £300


Calling all runners! Prisoners’ Education Trust is proud to announce that we will be taking part in this year’s Royal Parks Half Marathon and we need you to get involved. The Royal Parks Half Marathon is one of the UK’s most scenic and picturesque city races in the world, and is becoming increasingly popular attracting over 16,000 runners each year. The stunning 13.1 mile race route will allow you to take in the spectacular sites of London and four of its most stunning Royal Parks - Hyde Park, Green Park, St James Park and Kensington Gardens.

So are you up for the challenge? Prisoners’ Education Trust has two places for this monumental event. The race starts in Hyde Park and you will take in the beautiful scenery as you run past Green Park, St James Park, the Houses of Parliament, and Victoria Embankment. As well as enjoying the amazing atmosphere, you will support PET’s vital work providing educational opportunities for men and women in prison.

Last year, we had two amazing runners Alice and Tom, who took on the course for #TeamPET. Here are some reasons why they decided to support Prisoners’ Education Trust. Alice said:

“I recently qualified as a barrister, originally with the intention to practice in criminal defence and prison law, but while I was gaining experience, I spent a lot of time in prisons and courts with offenders and prisoners. I saw first-hand the myriad issues which affected them within the criminal justice system and the discrimination which this group faces on a daily basis. A lack of access to education and books supporting effective rehabilitation was a recurring concern from detainees, their lawyers and the academic and policy communities. Prisoner's Education Trust is the only charity which campaigns for education in prisons, allowing prisoners to effectively rehabilitate themselves and gaining skills, knowledge and self-confidence which has been proven by research to be effective in preventing re-offending.” 

“Gaining this experience in prisons, coupled with a family history in prisoner education (my late grandmother who I never met volunteered in our local open prison, teaching prisoners to read) means that I am hugely supportive of the work which PET does, and I’m honoured to be able to run 13.1 miles for this excellent cause.”

 Tom said: “I believe it is important to give people second chances in life. The majority of people in prison have faced disadvantage throughout their lives, they have grown up in care, been excluded from school and left with no qualifications; many prisoners have mental health problems and use drugs and alcohol, more than 60% used drugs before going to prison, while 70% say they were drinking when they committed their crime. And prison does not stop people committing crime. Nearly half of all adults commit crime again after they leave prison, crime which costs taxpayers up to £13b per year."

 "If prison was able to help these people deal with their problems by rehabilitating them then they are going to be less likely to reoffend when they rejoin society, and more likely to do something positive instead. That's why the work of Prisoners' Education Trust is so vital. Their work is proven to reduce reoffending. They give people opportunities to learn and work towards new futures for themselves and their families. 200,000 children have a parent in prison - I think we all need to do something to make sure they don't end up following their parent's footsteps - and instead mothers and fathers inside become role models.”

Education has the power to enrich, change and develop people throughout their lives. PET provides access to a broad range of distance learning opportunities and related advice services, to enable prisoners to lead more fulfilling lives and to contribute positively to society; our work is proven by the Ministry of Justice to reduce reoffending. Your participation in the Royal Parks Half Marathon will raise money to help PET to work with over 2,000 prisoners in 2016, giving them advice and providing courses in subjects and at levels not otherwise available in prison. You will also support our work to influence policy and practice so that education provision for prisoners is the best it can be, now and in the future. Michael' recently told us:

“Education lets me look into the mirror and feel I can succeed.”

Come on! Don’t delay. Be #Amazing and join #TeamPET and help raise the funds needed to offer every prisoner the opportunity to benefit from education.

Already have a Place?

Already have your own place? You can still join #TeamPET! Simply email and we can help you raise funds and give you some top training tips! Your support would be amazing!

Cheer Squad

Not taking part in the run? You can still join our Cheer Squad and give our runners the huge cheer they will need to race to the finish line. Why not join the thousands of supporters and spectators who will line the streets of London and enjoy the food and festivities on offer throughout the day. If you are interested simply email and join us on the day to cheer, shout and make a racket for #TeamPET.