Enterprise Awards 2018

PET’s Enterprise Awards are one-off grants to help people start a business or find work after release from prison.

We fund specific equipment, training, tools or materials that you might need to set you up for work. In the past we have funded people for things like: laptops, art materials, an electronic typewriter, catering equipment, barbers’ tools, and a graphic calculator.

Dee was funded to complete her HGV licence so she could achieve her ambitions of working in the haulage industry - read her story here.

Ben was funded for equipment he needed to start his own mechanics business - read his story here.

You can apply for an award up to the value of £1000. Winners will also be offered two-hours’ mentoring by one of our judging panel. Please note, your request may be partially funded.

To apply, please complete the form below. The deadline for applications is Monday 16 July. The winners will be invited to collect their awards at an event in London on Tuesday 4 September.

If you would like to send any additional material or if you have any questions, please email katy@prisonerseducation.org.uk, call us on 0203 752 5680, or write to us at FREEPOST PRISONERS' EDUCATION TRUST.

These awards are kindly supported by The Topinambour Trust.

Judging Panel

John Samuels QC – President of Prisoners’ Education Trust

His Honour John Samuels QC has been President of Prisoners’ Education Trust since 2012, and was previously its Chairman and a Trustee. A judge (full-time and part-time) for 32 years, and a Parole Board member for his maximum tenure of 10 years, he has a long-standing interest in prisoner welfare issues.

He is also Vice President of UNLOCK; of the Association of Members of Independent Monitoring Boards; and of Tempus Novo. He is a Patron of Prisoners’ Advice Service; an Advisory Panel member of Inside Justice; and is a Visiting Professor at Nottingham Law School, focusing on sentencing and criminal justice issues. Last year, with Jonathan Aitken, he co-authored “What happened to the Rehabilitation Revolution”, which has been well received in the media and by Ministers.

Derina Douglas – Founder of LinknMums 

In 2014 Derina served an 11 month sentence at HMP Holloway. In this time, she found a grounded root of empathy and began to understand individuals’ needs and saw first hand how many had been failed. She is passionate about supporting other women like her who are going through similar situations and, since her release, has set up LinknMums

The organisation provides support, training and development to women in deprived arrears. Derina and her team aim to empower women to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and household. 

Duane Jackson – founder of KashFlow Accounting Software and Director of Code4000

Duane Jackson is a London- and Brighton-based technology entrepreneur. In 2005, he founded KashFlow Accounting Software, one of the first software-as-a-service businesses in the UK. He grew it to 40 staff and 20,000 customers without taking any significant external funding and eventually exited in 2013, selling to IRIS Software Group for £20m. He now has numerous interests, including code4000.org, a CIC that teaches programming skills to prisoners in the UK.

Having been a care-leaver and ex-prisoner himself, he is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship to those from a similar background. He’s a Patron of The Prince’s Trust, the charity that helped him start in business. Throughout his journey, Duane was mentored by Lord Young of Graffham, who wrote the foreword to Duane’s autobiography, Four Thousand Days, which is available on Amazon.

Baillie Aaron – founder and CEO of Spark Inside

Baillie is the founder and CEO of Spark Inside, a London-based charity that pioneers the use of coaching in prisons to reduce violence and reoffending. In 2016, the charity – which has coached more than 600 participants since it was formed - was shortlisted for the Charity Times Awards Best New Charity.

Baillie is a TEDx speaker, co-curator of the Global Shapers London Hub and advisor to Code4000. She also founded the US non-profit Venturing Out, providing entrepreneurship education to people in prison. 

LJ Flanders – Author, Founder and CEO of Cell Workout

​LJ Flanders’ Cell Workout started as an idea from a prison cell and has grown into a business and social enterprise, whilst staying true to its cause and maintaining the ethos of wanting to improve and transform the lives of people inside and outside of prison.

From writing a fitness book designed for use in a confined space to delivering motivational workshops in prisons to encourage self-improvement, PET alumnus LJ Flanders is an entrepreneur with a social purpose.

To apply for the Enterprise Awards, please complete the form below. 


Your details

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An endorsement (400 word max) from someone known through the probation or prison service. This should explain how they know you and why they would recommend you for this grant.

Alternatively, you can submit your endorsement separately by email to katy@prisonerseducation.org.uk or by post to FREEPOST PRISONERS' EDUCATION TRUST.

Let us know in the box below if you plan to do this.

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Your Business Plan

A business plan listing:

1) Your specific funding requirement, with exact costs and purchasing source (e.g. Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clipper, £72.00, Salons.com)

2) How you plan to use this award

3) How this fits with your long-term plans and objectives (plus time-scales)

4) If your plans require additional funding and where this funding would come from.

Alternatively, you can submit your business plan separately (max four-sides A4) by email to katy@prisonerseducation.org.uk or by post to FREEPOST PRISONERS' EDUCATION TRUST.

Let us know in the box below if you plan to do this.


• You must have served a prison sentence, or be six months or less from your earliest release date
• You must use the money towards an employment or business objective, as demonstrated by your business plan


• Part or full award towards business goals. (There is a limit of circa. £1000 per winner. Please note that the judging panel can give partial awards.)
• Two hours’ mentoring with member(s) of judging panel.

Privacy and data protection statement:

By sending this form to Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET), you agree that PET may:

Keep a copy of the form securely in our offices, and a scanned copy on our secure computer servers, for a period of two years from the date it is received, after which all copies will be securely deleted.

Share the form with members of the judging panel who have volunteered to help read applications and judge the winners. The forms will be both shared and stored securely so only these specific individuals can access them.

Look through your business plan and endorsement to identify key words or themes, to find general trends about plans for employment after release. We may use this as part of PET’s policy work to improve prison education. You will not be identifiable through any publically shared findings from this.

Quote from your endorsement, in social media posts, on our website or in publications relating to the Enterprise awards, to draw attention to the awards. You will remain anonymous and will not be identifiable through the material we make public.

Quote from your endorsement and business plan in reports to the organisations that fund PET and the Enterprise Awards, to show them the impact of their funding and to encourage them to support the awards again. You will remain anonymous in these reports and will not be identifiable through the material we use.

Use the details you provide to contact you to confirm receipt of your application, and the outcome.

Use the contact details provided by the person who has written your endorsement. We may wish to contact this person to request further information or to ask to use their quote in publicity.

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