Yachtmaster Ocean

This course consists of 13 lessons:

  1. The Earth and the Celestial Sphere
  2. The PZX Triangle
  3. The Sextant
  4. Measurement of Time
  5. Meridian Altitudes
  6. Sun, Star and Other Sights
  7. Compass Checking
  8. Satellite Navigation Systems
  9. Great Circle Sailing
  10. Meteorology
  11. Passage Planning
  12. Passage Making
  13. Communications

Entry Requirements: Applicants should have completed the RYA Coastal Skipper course, or have equivalent knowledge.

Assignments: Self-assessed within the workbook

Exams: One assessment paper – 2 hours long

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of coursework. No additional equipment is required, but access to a Portland plotter and divider are recommended.

Tutor Support: Yes

Find Out More: From the East Anglian Sea School here

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