Latin for Beginners

The course consists of the following 12 units:

  1. Verbs, plural forms and prepositions
  2. Possession (genitive case), position of the genitive and methods of translating longer sentences
  3. Adverbs, nouns and gender.
  4. The Imperative, pronouns and abbreviations
  5. Adjectives, perfect tense and conjunctions
  6. Sentences and clauses, double direct questions and work on extracts from Latin authors
  7. The future indicative, adjectives of the second class and reflexive pronouns.
  8. Adverbial clauses of cause, time and condition, contracted forms and methods of expressing comparison
  9. The ablative of manner, the accusative of age and the infinitive as a noun
  10. Imperfect subjunctive active, adverbial clauses of purpose on Latin and sequence of tenses.
  11. Independent uses of the subjunctive
  12. Revision

Entry Requirements: No previous knowledge required

Assignments: 12, one for each unit, and an introductory unit

Exams: None

Prison support Requirements: Support learners with submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes, for up to 18 month

What’s Next? Another Language! PET can fund Linguaphone courses in 15 different languages.

Find Out More: From NEC’s website here

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