Certificate in Foundation Journalism

There are six available units, that combine to create eleven credits:

  1. How to use the English language
  2. Using the English language
  3. How to tell a news story
  4. Recording information
  5. Feature writing
  6. Sports reporting

Additional modules are not possible in closed conditions (e.g. digital media, audio/video) but PET have worked with NCTJ to allow learners to gain accreditation for the rest of the course on ROTL or after release.

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Assignments: Coursework, Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Assignment (such as article in prison newspaper or magazine)

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments. Ensuring students have access to media sources, such as newspapers and magazines is especially helpful too.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Further modules on digital media, broadcasting, data gathering and audio/visual journalism are available after release at extra cost (offering a further 14 credits to convert the Certificate into a Diploma). Learners can also consider A-level English Language or OU Access course or OU Level 1 60 credit course such as DD102 Introducing the Social Sciences.

Find Out More: From the NCTJ here

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