The courses comprises of 5 compulsory units:

Unit 1 – Principles of Woodlands, Forestry and Ecology
Unit 2 – Woody Plant Physiology
Unit 3 – The Supply, Planting and Aftercare of Woody Plants
Unit 4 – The Interaction of Soil Environments and Woody Plants
Unit 5 – Tree inspections and Statute and Common Law Applied to Trees

And then 1 of the following optional units:

Unit 6 – Identify and Select Forestry and Woodland Trees for Planting
Unit 7 – Principles of Practical Silviculture & Habitat Management

Entry Requirements: No previous experience or knowledge is required

Assignments: 6, 1 at the end of each completed unit.

Exams: None, but learners will be assessed through a portfolio of completed coursework.

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Aboriculture or Conservation Studies, both from HCC

Find Out More: From HCC directly here

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