Policy and Research

Prisoners' Education Trust (PET) has a dual role: to offer funding, support and advice to enable people in prison to study at levels and courses that aren't otherwise offered by the state and also, to ensure the government is committed to a good quality provision so that as many people as possible can change their lives through learning. Education gives people in prison the opportunity to choose and achieve crime-free lives. We therefore believe it is essential to champion prison education and inform the public, parliament and the media about the benefits of rehabilitation through learning. For our 25th anniversary year in 2014, our Learning Champions, including MPs, peers, prison staff members and our patrons, told us why they value education in prison.

Policy and research

In this section, you can read a range of reports by PET's policy team, research exploring what is and isn't working in prison education, analysis of prisoners' views about education, briefings and responses to government consultations and parliamentary select committee inquiries. Our evidence has been highlighted by parliament on several occasions and we are available to facilitate MPs and peers with any queries about prison education. For academic research and reports from other organisations explore our resource library.

Learners' experiences

We are committed to working with prisoners to ensure their voices are heard by policy makers, parliamentarians and the media. PET's policy team also supports prisons to involve prisoners in decision making in this way through the concept of Learner Voice and we are developing our network with former learners, our alumni, to chart the long-term benefits for people who studied in prison. PET publishes their stories and views on our website to highlight just some of the ways people improve their lives, and those of their communities,  through learning.

Sharing expertise

PET has considerable expertise as the only charity working nationally to support prisoners to obtain qualifications through distance learning and we have over 25 years' experience working in prison education. In 2012 PET teamed up with other charities with different areas of expertise in the field to together highlight the importance of learning's role within rehabilitation to form the Prisoner Learning Alliance. Find out more about the PLA's recent report Smart Rehabilitation.

Contact Us

For assistance from the policy team at PET telephone 0203 752 5680 or email Head of Policy Nina Champion