Good Practice

Prisoners' Education Trust (PET) believes in working with others to achieve change and innovation, this section celebrates best practice by champions of learning, training and skills.

Here, we highlight some of the best examples of initiatives led by prisons, ex-prisoners or other charities to support people in prison with their learning or rehabilitation. Browse articles written by PET staff and partners below.


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    The Dame Sally Taskforce

    All | Government policy

    Nine months after Dame Sally Coates published her ambitious recommendations for prison education, HMP Littlehey have become the first prison to assemble a taskforce to make her ideas a reality.

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    โ€œPrison education should be on the radar of every FE collegeโ€

    All | University/prison partnerships

    At the Association of Colleges (AoC) conference in Birmingham this month, PETโ€™s Head of Policy, Nina Champion, and Central Bedfordshire Collegeโ€™s Principal, Ali Hadawi CBE, joined forces to put prison education on the agenda and shared examples of good practice prison/college partnership working.

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    Prisoners and researchers debate media role in Brexit

    All | University/prison partnerships

    Every month, a group of researchers from Royal Holloway University and prisoners from HMP Swaleside use recent research as a springboard to discuss topical issues. This month, how the media influenced the Brexit decision was up for discussion.

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    Global lessons in prison education

    All | International

    13th October marks the first International Day of Education in Prisons, commemorating recommendations for the education of prisoners made by the Council of Europe in 1989. To celebrate, we highlight some prison education initiatives from around the world.

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    Tools for success

    All | Extra curricular

    The Tool Shed programme involves prisoners in recycling garden tools behind prison walls, which are then given to the community.

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    PLA case study #4 - Angela Cairns, Shannon Trust

    All | Prisoner Learning Alliance

    Shannon Trust works in 120 prisons in the UK. With its army of prisoner mentors, it supports over 4,000 prisoners a year to learn to read. CEO Angela Cairn tells us more.

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    Building bikes in jail

    All | Employability

    PET's Head of Policy, Nina Champion, recently took part of a cycle race to raise money for the Margaret Carey Foundation, a charity which teaches prisoners how to refurbish old bikes, giving them positive and practical skills.

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    PLA case study #4 โ€“ Mark Blake โ€“ Project Development Officer, BTEG

    Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) | Government policy

    In the fourth installment of our spotlight on members of the Prisoner Learning Alliance, Mark Blake discusses the importance of BTEG for Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic people in communities and in the criminal justice sector.

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    PLA case study #3 - Tracy Hammond, Communication and Engagement Director, KeyRing

    All | Learning difficulties

    Tracy Hammond, Communication and Engagement Director at KeyRing, talks about her work ensuring people with learning disabilities are not left in the margins, both in prison and on the outside.

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    Cell In The City

    All | Arts

    Cell Rideoutโ€™s GOTOJAIL project aims to deepen public understanding about how prison works, by planting a replica cell in busy shopping centres. Media Manager Katy Oglethorpe travelled to Coventry to find out about the project and speak to some of the former prisoners who are helping to bring it to life.