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Click here for more information on the new PLA structure and the different types of membership – available to organisations, individuals and those with personal lived experience of prison.

Click below to access an application form, depending on the type of membership you are interested in.


Applying on behalf of your organisation:

If you are applying on behalf of your organisation, click here for the Full Membership application form.

Applying as an individual:

If you are applying as an individual, please read on:

The PLA is committed to meaningfully involving former prisoners in its activities and decision making. At this stage, you can choose to inform the PLA if you have personal lived experience of prison. If you choose to do this, you will be granted all the rights and benefits of full PLA membership, at no charge.

As part of our commitment, there will be a minimum of two spaces on the PLA steering committee reserved for people with lived experience of prison. If this applies to you, the membership form will ask if you are interested in serving on the steering committee. The steering committee meets quarterly to review the membership, agree the strategic direction of the PLA and progress against its objectives, and to form and monitor task and finish groups.

Full membership rights would also allow you to vote in steering committee elections; add your voice to the PLA’s output, reports and briefings; have the opportunity to attend meetings with government officials; and volunteer to take part in task and finish groups that relate to your interests and expertise. Click here for a full list of the benefits of full membership.

Associate members with lived experience of prison:

If you are interested in the rights and benefits of full membership, as someone with personal lived experience of prison, click here to apply as an Associate Member with lived experience.


Associate members:

If you do not have personal lived experience of prison (or would prefer not to tell us) and you are applying for membership as an individual, click here to apply as an Associate Member.

If you have any questions about applying for membership, email