Alumni Network for Ex-Prisoners



After leaving prison you can become a member of our alumni network, allowing you to develop skills, discover opportunities and be instrumental in future prisoners’ journeys.

You will be part of a supportive network, which now totals over 50 people.

You can:

  • Keep up-to-date with services and opportunities from different organisations
  • Share your story and expertise at talks, conferences, through our website and through the media
  • Keep in touch and share opportunities 
  • Join social events, such as our yearly summer party
  • Take part in workshops and training to develop skills in areas such as public speaking
  • Influence PET practice and policy through our Advisory Group chaired by alumnus Trustee Simon Scott, where your valuable experiences will help PET become more effective

Read some of our alumni stories

Why become a member of our community?

Your experience and expertise are important to us to help influence change, improve prison education and understand the impact learning has on people’s lives. The experience of former learners provide real-life examples and knowledge which helps us improve as an organisation and to inspire future learners. Ultimately, your story can help frame the public’s perception of prisoners, rehabilitation and the importance of prison education.

Being part of the alumni network is flexible; you can choose which parts of our alumni group  you take part in, depending on your interests and availability. You will be invited to our annual summer party and have access to our signposting service, regular opportunities email and Facebook group.

You will also be invited to occasional training workshops organised by PET. Previous training includes digital storytelling, public speaking and media skills. 

Watch videos made by our alumni

Advisory Group

The advisory group requires a larger time commitment from members. Chaired by alumnus Trustee Simon Scott, the group meets quarterly to tackle specific questions regarding PET policy and planning, united by a passion for education and a desire to improve the situation of future learners in prison.

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in joining our talented and diverse alumni network please contact Alumni Manager Katy Oglethorpe - / 020 3 752 5676.

What about further support after release? 

PET's course funding only covers people currently serving a prison sentence. If you are an ex-prisoner and want advice or support with education or other areas including employment, housing, and health, please visit this page listing useful organisations.