Learners' Stories

Over the past 25 years Prisoners' Education Trust (PET) has helped thousands of people in prison.

We regularly receive letters from our learners and alumni about their achievements both in prison and back in their communities. People like Frank, who had been in and out of prison for more than 30 years before he found his ‘way out’ of crime through education. He is now in his final year at university. Search for their stories, experiences and views below. Some of their letters highlight the barriers that prevent people from learning in prison and through PET's work championing prison education we seek to address their concerns. 


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    Chris Syrus: Creatively reducing youth crime

    Ex-prisoners | Arts

    Chris Syrus, 34, has spent the past five years since leaving prison realising his dream of helping get young people into work, education or training. He now runs his own business, using the arts to motivate disadvantaged 13-24 year-olds nationally and in the Croydon community where he grew up.