Prisoners' Education Trust is committed to doing what works to reduce reoffending. This resource library presents evidence and research related to all aspects of prison rehabilitation.

Search our resource library for a wide range of articles including: academic research, reports and policy related documents all within the theme of prison education. We welcome further content and if there is something you would like added to the resource library then please contact Katy Oglethorpe, Media, Communications and Alumni Manager.

  • PSI 33: Open University, Higher Education & Distance Learning

    All | Distance learning | Jun 2010
    Ministry of Justice

    Prison Service Instruction outlining how prison staff should support prisoners access to Open University, Higher Education and Distance Learning.

  • Public consultation on new expectations for adult male prisons

    All | Prisoner Learning Alliance | Feb 2017
    Prisoner Learning Alliance

  • Releasing Potential

    All | Learning difficulties | Jan 2014
    Melanie Jameson

    This publication is a practical guide for anyone working with offenders, in custody or in the community.

  • Smart Rehabilitation: Learning how to get better outcomes

    All | Education | Dec 2013
    Nina Champion - Prisoner Learning Alliance

    In this report, the Prisoner Learning Alliance tackles strategic questions about using limited and reducing resources to help secure the best outcomes, so that prisoners can desist from crime and make a positive contribution to their families and society.

  • Statistics on Women and the Criminal Justice System 2011

    Women | Nov 2012
    Ministry of Justice

    This report brings together statistical information on the representation of males and females as victims, suspects, defendants, and offenders within the Criminal Justice System and as practitioners/staff within criminal justice agencies.

  • Submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the link between poor education and learning difficulties and the risk of suicide in prison.

    Feb 2017
    Nina Champion, PET

  • The crime reducing effect of education

    All | Education | May 2010
    Stephen Machin, Olivier Marie. Sunčica Vujić - Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

    A paper examining the empirical connections between crime and education, using various data sources from Britain.

  • The Future of Prison Education Contracts: Delivering Better Outcomes

    All | Government policy | May 2015
    Nina Champion - Prisoner Learning Alliance

    The current Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) phase 4 contracts for prison education come to an end in July 2016. The new UK Government will need to decide in summer 2015 whether to extend the current contracts for a further year, or to begin re-procurement. This briefing, produced in consultation with 23 organisations under the Prisoner Learning Alliance, provides expertise and solutions to improve the quality of prison education and ensure that the future contracts deliver for all learners.

  • The Learning Prison

    All | Education | Feb 2010
    Rachel O'Brien - RSA

    A report from the RSA Prison Learning Network.

  • The Prisoner Funder Directory 2014

    All | Jan 2014
    PFD Project Management Group

    The Prisoner Funder Directory (PFD) published by the Hardman Trust, aims to meet the need of prisoners and ex-offenders for accurate, up-to-date information on the funding available to those who are seeking to rebuild their lives and to contribute in a productive way to their home communities as part of an effective resettlement