PET is proud to be working with the growing number of prison/university partnerships across the country and internationally. These innovative partnerships bring university students into the prison environment to learn together with prisoners who are interested in the same subject. PET believes these partnerships have the potential to transform the learning experience of students both inside and outside prison, and to improve the educational opportunities we offer to those in custody and in the community.

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In 2017, PET began to support and develop these initiatives through the Prison University Partnerships in Learning (PUPiL) network.

The network brings together students, practitioners and academics.
It aims to:

  • Provide a forum for students, practitioners and academics to come together and share their experiences
  • Support existing and emerging prison/university partnerships by sharing and promoting good practice
  • Identify opportunities for future projects and research
  • Use shared evidence and experiences to influence future academic and prison education policy

This network may be of interest to you if you are:

  • An academic or prison staff member interested in setting up a prison/university partnership
  • A student who has taken part in a prison/university partnership – whether while in prison or enrolled at a university
  • A student interested in taking part in a prison/university partnership
  • A researcher or policy maker interested in the potential and evidence base around this pioneering area of prison and academic education

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If you have any questions regarding the PUPiL network or would like to circulate information, events or resources, contact:




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