PLAN (Prisoner Learning Academic Network)

Prisoners’ Education Trust has established the Prisoner Learning Academic Network (PLAN) which works to bring together researchers who work on issues relating to prisoner learning.

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PLAN's overall aim is to raise the profile, quality and impact of all levels of prison education by promoting and supporting rigorous and collaborative research, consultation and dissemination. To do this we will:

  1.   Build the strength of the research community through supporting and connecting across disciplines and between UK and international researchers
  2.   Engage with policy makers to develop a strategic approach to data collection, research priorities and methodologies
  3.   Engage with practitioners and service users to support them to contribute to evidence and to make them aware of research evidence and how to apply it
  4.   Actively promote evidence-based policy and practice.

This network may be of interest to you if you are:

  •   An academic working in prison education
  •   A policy maker seeking evidence around prison education
  •   A student interested in finding out more about prison education
  •   A practitioner interested in evidence to inform your work

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If you would like to be in touch about the PLAN network, please contact: