Our strategy

Our mission has two key priorities:

We advance our vision fundamentally in two ways with key priorities under each:

We provide grants and services to give access to learning for prisoners:

  • We aim to remain the leading provider of grants to prisoner learners for distance learning (especially through further and higher education); we will also collaborate with other organisations in this field where feasible;
  • We will continue to develop and deliver services to help prisoners overcome the obstacles to accessing and benefitting from opportunities for education;

We champion a broad vision of prisoner education and influence change to improve prisoner learning:

  • We aim to improve our networks and increase our profile to improve policy and practice;
  • We look to engage the active collaboration of prisoners and ex-prisoners in helping the voice of prisoner learners to be heard.

Outline actions against these priorities are set out below in tables 1 and 2 below.

Key enablers

Our mission is supported by two key enablers and related priorities:

To be the expert organisation on learning in prisons:

  • We aim to make smarter use of our existing resources, networks and contacts to increase our knowledge, in particular building our relationships with prisoner learners to articulate their voice more effectively;
  • We will share and deploy our knowledge more powerfully through commissioning and disseminating analysis, research and evidence;

To be a fully sustainable and robust organisation:

  • We aim to increase and diversify funding and sources of funding;
  • We will present ourselves and our messages through vibrant communications that reflect the nature of our organisation and its mission;
  • We will deploy quality resources, structure and business systems to be highly effective and efficient.

Our priorities and enablers in a diagram: