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    Wandsworth governor: I’ll consider yoga, scaffolding and a tattoo parlour in my prison

    Prisoner Learning Alliance | 16 Sep 2016

    At the PLA conference today, Ian Bickers outlined bold plans for his prison, in a conference that also heard from Shadow Prisons Minister Jo Stevens and the director of the Unlocked Graduates scheme.

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    Prison educators celebrated by students behind bars

    All | Prisoner Learning Alliance | 15 Sep 2016

    The 2016 Prisoner Learning Alliance awards recognised outstanding teachers, officers, librarians, peer mentors and others who have made an outstanding contribution to education in prison.

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    Government must improve education for young people in custody

    Young people | Government policy | 13 Sep 2016

    Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) has urged the government to move forward with reform of the youth justice system, after the charity found that young people continue to face significant obstacles to learning while in custody.

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    Remember a Charity in your Will Week

    All | Education | 12 Sep 2016

    Every year, more and more people like to leave a gift to charity in their will. These legendary acts provide the foundation for causes like ours and are vital in continuing our work. That’s why we’re taking part in Remember a Charity in your Will week, and encouraging you to pass on something legendary!

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    Truss before the Justice Committee: three lessons

    All | Government policy | 8 Sep 2016

    When Liz Truss made her first appearance before the Justice Committee on 7 September, many suggested she was preparing to reverse her predecessor's prison reforms. But could her words, though guarded, be a cause for optimism?

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    Budding screenwriters! Win a ticket to 2016 London Screenwriters' Festival!

    All | Events | 16 Aug 2016

    Calling all budding screenwriters and movie buffs! Thanks to playwright and former prisoner Michael Ashton, PET has one ticket to give away to the London Screenwriters' Festival. As a special summer competition, we're asking you to tweet a first line for a film about prison education to win chance to mingle with the cream of the screenwriting world.

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    "Bang on the money"- Wymott men respond to Coates

    All | Education | 27 Jul 2016

    Dame Sally Coates’ recommendations for prison education have been broadly welcomed by the criminal justice sector, but what about people in prison themselves? Media Manager Katy Oglethorpe travelled to HMP Wymott where the student council added the report to their agenda.

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    Coates: I'll continue to fight for my reforms

    All | Education | 27 Jul 2016

    At PET's Annual Lecture last month, Dame Sally Coates discussed her progressive review on prison education, 'Unlocking Potential', for a large audience in Canary Wharf. She was joined on the panel by the Governor of HMP Wandsworth, two former prisoners and a prison teacher.

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    The tools for success

    All | Teaching | 26 Jul 2016

    The Tool Shed programme that aims to provide prisoners and prison staff with gardening tools and knowledge through recycling garden tools behind prison walls.

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    Truss Issues

    All | Government policy | 25 Jul 2016

    Her nickname at the Department of Education was the 'human hand-grenade', while as Environment Secretary, she was noted for her strong opinion on British cheeses. But what are the issues Liz Truss really cares about, and what do these tell us about her potential approach to prison education as Justice Secretary?