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    Blog: Finnish prisons go online

    All | Information and Communication Technology (ICT) | 20 Oct 2015

    In the first of a series of new blogs on the European Prison Education Association Conference, Prisoners' Education Trust's Head of Policy Nina Champion focuses on Finland's approach to technology, where earlier this year prisoners were given access to the internet.

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    RE:FORM arts in prison

    All | Arts | 19 Oct 2015

    Prisoners Education Trust reports back from arts criminal justice charity the Koestler Trust's annual exhibition at the Southbank Centre.

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    Filming in prisons: literacy learning

    18 Sep 2015

    Last month Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) and Prison Learning TV visited two prisons and spoke to educational and charitable organisations for a film about literacy in prisons. Here a prisoner from HMP Thameside reports on how he found the filming process.

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    Conference celebrates outstanding teachers, staff and prisoners

    All | Education | 11 Sep 2015

    Today (Friday 11th September), Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons will give a keynote speech at the Prisoner Learning Alliance’s (PLA) Annual Conference at Leeds Beckett University. Discussing the idea of an ‘Aspirational Prison’, he is expected to focus on ways staff can engage prisoners to learn and keep progressing with their education.

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    Government research finds prisoners aspiring to education re-offend less on release

    All | Distance learning | 10 Sep 2015

    New research published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) today (10th September 2015) suggests that offering people in prison opportunities to aspire to further their education makes them less likely to re-offend on release.

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    Alliance welcomes government review into education in prisons

    All | Government policy | 8 Sep 2015

    The Prisoner Learning Alliance(PLA) welcomes the Ministry of Justice’s review of education in prisons, announced by the Secretary of State Michael Gove, today (8th September 2015).

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    Cell Workout: achieving goals

    Ex-prisoners | Sport | 19 Aug 2015

    Three years ago L.J Flanders was sitting in his cell in HMP Pentonville when he had a light bulb moment. He was going to write a book to help people get fit. Recognising there was a gap in the market as he couldn’t find a similar resource in the library that he could use to exercise his cell, he gained a qualification in personal training in prison and developed the skills to do it himself.

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    Education in youth custody increased to 30 hours per week

    Young people | Education | 19 Aug 2015

    On Monday 17 August, the amount of education under 18 year olds in custody receive was increased to 30 hours of per week, across all young offender institutes. Prisoners' Education Trust responds to this policy change.

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    An Inspector Calls: a handbook for inspecting learning and skills

    Young people | Education | 19 Aug 2015

    The new handbook for the inspection of learning and skills and work activities in prisons and young offender institutions has been released and comes into play on 1st September. Here are ten points to note about the new handbook…let us know what you think!

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    Call out for participants in PhD

    Ex-prisoners | Education | 20 Jul 2015

    David Honeywell writes: "Education has long been regarded a major factor in the rehabilitative process and though many studies have been conducted in prisons across the world as to the benefits of education, little has been done on what happens to ex- prisoners who left prison to continue their education."